Plug Aerating

    Core aeration reduces soil compaction and helps manage thatch build-up.

    A healthy soil is studded with air pockets, allowing grassroots to feed on oxygen, water and fertilizer. When this soil becomes compacted (which can happen after extended dry spells, heavy foot traffic, or when waterlogged) these pockets of air fill up, resulting in tightly packed soil.

    When soil is packed together, the grassroots cannot breathe! And when you have a thick layer of thatch on top of this, your lawn is crying out to be aerated.

    Core aeration removes thousands of soil plugs and deposits them on top of thatch. When the soil plugs break down, the mix of soil and thatch encourages decomposition which will help your lawn to grow back stronger. At the same time, core aeration allows grassroots to grow strong, encouraging thicker growth and a more lush looking lawn.